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2020 AAPdN 6th Annual Conference - Update and Review

April 23-26, 2020

The 2020 Annual Conference was brought to over 400 registered professionals via Zoom in light of the current COVID-19 restrictions limiting gatherings.  It was a resounding success, and there were only slight bumps in the road that were easily remedied by the competent staff behind the scenes.  We hope everyone enjoyed the excellent speakers and relevant topics, and we thank you for your feedback from the end of course surveys, which are being reviewed.  Thank you again for helping to make this conference such a wonderful experience!


Thank you to our sponsor, The Trust, for bringing us the 4 CE Ethics course by Daniel O. Taube, PhD, JD.  Dr. Taube covered the myriad ethical issues surrounding the increased need for Telehealth and how we can ethically and professionally provide and care for our patients remotely.  It was extremely informative and timely.  For those who were present, they will have access to a discount on their liability insurance if they purchase it through The Trust.  



2020 AAPdN 6th Annual Conference

2020 6th Annual Conference of the

American Academy of Pediatric Neuropsychology

Post Conference Information


On behalf of the AAPdN Conference Committee and the Board of Directors, thank you for joining us as we brought our annual conference to you via Zoom!  Thank you for all your reviews, which have been very positive, as they help us to make decisions for future events!

A special thanks to all of our speakers for taking this journey with us during these uncertain times.  They were very flexible when we first approached them to switch from traditional in-person lecturing to broadcasting via the world wide web. We are so appreciative of your contribution and making this conference such a success:

Cecil R. Reynolds The Why and How of Performance Validity Testing in Children and Adolescents:  The Pediatric Performance Validity Test Suite (PdPVTS)

Paul BeljanAssessment and Diagnosis of ADHD: Practical Lessons from 30 Years of Practice

Len Lecci & Julian KeithAdvances in Recognition and Management of Sports Concussion in Youth

Judy Ho —Beating Burnout: New Insights and Strategies to Promote Resilience   

Michael Wolff, Jennifer Maurer, & Christina Warholic--The Simple Complexity of ASD: Diagnostic Options and Case Studies for CAPD, NLD, and Other Diagnoses

Jeff LewineAdvances in the Neuroscience of Developmental Disorders:  Neuroimaging

Peter DodzikABPdN Board Certification Preparation Seminar

Steve Feifer--The Neuropsychology of Written Language Disorders:  An Introduction to the FAW

Daniel O. TaubeCurrent Ethical Issues in Pediatric Neuropsychology; Sponsored by The Trust with accompanying discount on liability insurance



A huge thank you to the individuals who made the poster session possible. 

  • Arthur Mac Horton, PhD, Chair
  • Alyson Aviv, PhD, Judge
  • Paul Beljan, PsyD, Judge
  • Wilma Rosen, PhD, Judge
  • Peter Dodzik, PhD, Technical Editor

We had so many wonderful and informative posters at the conference and you can access them online here

Last but not least, congratulations to the winners of the Len Koziol Student Poster Awards, sponsored by Springer


A special thank you to all of our sponsors; for their support now, in the past, and in future years to come:


We brought together a skilled group of individuals to help us navigate this journey.  Many thanks to the following individuals who made this conference possible:

Conference Committee

  • Robert Leark, PhD – Co-Chair
  • Peter Dodzik, PsyD – Co-Chair
  • Cecil Reynolds, PhD
  • Robert McCaffrey, PhD
  • Wilma Rosen, PhD
  • Grace Mucci, PhD

Virtual Conference Subcommittee

  • Patricia Mittelstadt, PhD, Chair
  • Paul Beljan, PsyD
  • Peter Dodzik, PhD
  • Judy Ho, PhD
  • Grace Mucci, PhD
  • Justin Gardner, MA, Clinical Psychology, Midwestern University
  • Annabelle David, CSULB, Psychology/Neuropsychology
  • Alexandra Guion, CSULB, Psychology/Neuroscience
  • Jessica Truong, CSULB, Marketing
  • Miranda Wu, UCLA, Business and Economics
  • Morgan Ling, BA, UCI, Computer Science

We want to thank you for joining us in this inaugural event and hope you enjoyed the conference.  If you are currently a member of the Academy, thank you for your continued support.  If you would like to join the Academy, which includes free access to the Journal of Pediatric Neuropsychology, please consider joining by clicking here.  Thank you and enjoy the rest of your Spring!  But most of stay well and be safe.


Grace A. Mucci, Ph.D., ABPdN

AAPdN President and Acting Executive Director 

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